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Medieval History Database - Article : Chambre of Nicholas Paynel 1 May 1421

Article : Chambre of Nicholas Paynel 1 May 1421

The 'Chambre' of Nicholas Paynel, 1 May 1421

The 19th century historian Jules Quicherat noted that it's rare to find any mention of the "chefs-de-chambre" (sub-unit commanders within a "compagnie" who each led a 'chambre', which usually contained about twenty soldiers); but there are unit inspection records for these small units. One such inspection occurred on May 1st, 1421, for the 'chambre' led by one Nicholas Paynel, who served in Olivier de Mauny's 'compagnie' within the 'retenue' of Duke Jehan II of Alencon and the Count of Aumale in Normandy.

Jehan II of Alencon was extremely young at this time - he had inherited after his father was famously killed at Agincourt after chopping a fleur-de-lis off Henry V's crown - but he had been appointed Lieutenant-General of the Duchy of Alencon in 1420 (at age thirteen). He would later be captured at the Battle of Verneuil in 1424, and then after his release he served in Charles VII's army during several campaigns in 1429 including the Loire Valley Campaign (which he led), and the attempted siege of Paris.

Here is the list of the individual soldiers in Nicholas Paynel's 'chambre' on 1 May 1421:

# NameTypeNotesComments
1Nicolas Paynel 01-05-1421Knight-BanneretNP
2Jean du Homme 01-05-1421Knight-BachelorNP"Jehan du Homme"
3Guillaume de Parcy 01-05-1421Knight-BachelorNP"Guillaume de Parcy"
4Jean de la Haye 01-05-1421Knight-BachelorNP"Jehan de la Haye"
5Guillaume de Colombières 01-05-1421Knight-BachelorNP"Guillaume de Colombières"
6Thomin de Persé 01-05-1421SquireNP"Thomin de Persé"
7Jean Gohier 01-05-1421SquireNP"Jehan Gohier"
8Jean de Sainte-Marie 01-05-1421SquireNP"le seigneur d'Esquiley"
9Hervé Thesart 01-05-1421SquireNP"Hervé Thesart"
10Olivier Roussel 01-05-1421SquireNP"Olivier Roussel"
11Jean de la Mote 01-05-1421SquireNP"Jehan de la Mote"
12Guillaume des Marestz 01-05-1421SquireNP"Guillaume des Marestz"
13Jean Pigache 01-05-1421SquireNP"Jehan Piguace"
14Richard de Clinchamp 01-05-1421SquireNP"Richart de Clinchamp"
15Colin de Clinchamp 01-05-1421SquireNP"Colin de Clinchamp"
16Robin de Fontenay 01-05-1421SquireNP"Robin de Fontenay"
17Bertrand de Mons 01-05-1421SquireNP"Bertran de Mons"
18Robert de Roussel 01-05-1421SquireNP"Robert de Roussel"
19Michel de Plomb 01-05-1421SquireNP"Michiel de Plomb"

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