- Army Raguier XII 17-12-1428
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Army Raguier XII 17-12-1428

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# CommanderMen-at-armsProjectile TroopsOther / Unspecified TroopsNotes
1Jean de la Brosse, Lord of Sainte-Severe, Knight, Marechal85NPNP"Jehan de Brosse, seigneur de Sainte Severe"; No archers listed
2The Batart d'OrleansNPNP65 (unspecified)
3Jacques de Chabannes, Knight, Marechal of Bourbonnois211NPNP"Jacques de Chabanes"; No archers listed
4Raymond de VillarsNPNP75 (unspecified)"monseigneur de Villars"
5Thibault de TermesNPNP14 (unspecified)"Thibault de Termes"
6Pierre de BeauvoirNPNP13 (unspecified)"Pierre de Bauvoir"
7Macias de Rechac, KnightNPNP18 (unspecified)"Macias de Rechac"
8Guillaume de Chaumont, Lord of GuitryNPNP21 (unspecified)"Guillaume de Chaumont, seigneur de Quittry"
9Lord of ChaumontNPNP13 (unspecified)"Monseigneur de Chaumont"
10Lord of CorrazeNPNP18 (unspecified)"Monseigneur de Coarase"
11Bernard de CommingeNPNP23 (unspecified)"Bernard de Comminge"
12Girault de la PagliereNPNP21 (unspecified)"Girault de la Pailliere"
13David MallevilleNPNP60 (unspecified)"David Malleville, capitaine Escossois"
14Poton de SaintraillesNPNP48 (unspecified)"Poton de Sainterailles"

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