- Army Raguier XXVI 27-04-1429
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Army Raguier XXVI 27-04-1429

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# CommanderMen-at-armsProjectile TroopsOther / Unspecified TroopsNotes
1Gilles de Rais2511 archersNPPayment both for his troops and to assemble the army
2Gaultier de Brusac, Squire7070NP
3Archades de la Tour2626NP
4Jean Foucault, Knight2220 archersNP
5Ambroise de Lore, Knight3233 archersNP
6Robert le Feure, Archer038 archersNP
7Thudual le Bourgeois, Squire1511 archersNP
8Bertrand de la Ferriere & the Batart de Beaumanoir, Squires2228 archersNP

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