- Army Raguier XXV 17-12-1429
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Army Raguier XXV 17-12-1429

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# CommanderMen-at-armsProjectile TroopsOther / Unspecified TroopsNotes
1The Batart d'Orleans5827NP
2Lord Sainte-Severe, Marechal7344NP
3Jean V Malet de Graville, Knight6429NP
4Lord Denis de Chailly, Squire3737NP
5Lord Guillaume de Serves, Knight1112NP
6Guiot des Champs, Squire89NP
7Ferrando de Pierrebonne179NP
8Guillaume Madre2324NP
9Guillaume de Chaumont, Knight, Lord of Guitry1915NP
10Theode de Walpergue, Knight3341NP
11Bernard de Cominge, Squire2510NP
12Nicholas de Giresme, Knight176NP
13Louis de Waencourt, Knight58NP
14Philippe de Culan, Knight125NP
15.... de Corraze, Knight2131NP
16Girault de la Pagliere, Squire256NP
17Poton de Saintrailles, Squire3427NP
18Maurice de Meaulx, Squire, lieutenant of Jean Oulchart, Knight2560NP
19Raymond de Villars, Knight2813NP
20Thibault de Termes, Squire89NP
21Jacques Du Bois, Knight196NP

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