- Snellington Cont 25-03-1429
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Snellington Cont 25-03-1429

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1George Snellington, Squire, lieutenant of Jean Salvain, Knight, Baillif of Rouen19 mountedNPNPSource says name is "Snylinkton" (Apparently also called "Seynlinkton" according to "Mémoires" by the Société archéologique de l'Orléanais). From payment records for service at the siege of Orleans for three days from Jan 28 - Jan 31; the unit had been reviewed on Jan 28th or 29th. Source doesn't give superior commander. Snylington is not included in the men-at-arms. Source adds (quoting original records): "And for the month of February following, he had been paid by the aforesaid War Treasurer in France"

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