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141Bd5357d63ea15NRBede, the Venerable, Saint, 673-735.Antologia minima / A cura di Sergio Romano.
142Bdf7e5b124d51NRKirby, D. P.Bede's native sources for the Historia ecclesiastica.
143B16f9d6174265NRCapelle, Bernard, 1884-1961.S. Beda Venerabilis, ab B. Capelle, M. Inguanez [et] Beda Thum.
144B8a140d085be2NRJones, Charles Williams, 1905-Bedae pseudepigrapha: scientific writings falsely attributed to Bede, by Charles W. Jones.
145B624b31a6f8e8NRBede, the Venerable, Saint, 673-735.Opera historica.
146Bd5603689eb99NRBede, the Venerable, Saint, 673-735.Old English version of Bede's Ecclesiastical history of the English people. Edited with a translation and introduction by Thomas Miller ...
147B4b3fefdef903NRFaulkner, William Harrison, 1874-1949.Subjunctive mood in the Old English version of Bede's Ecclesiastical history ...
148B95b8067e3a37NRBede, the Venerable, Saint, 673-735.Baedae Historia ecclesiastica gentis Anglorvm;
149B3e0adc38d075NRMiller, Thomas, 1839- [from old catalog]Place names in the English Bede and localisation of the mss.
150B3f8e55da3875NRBede and his world : the Jarrow lectures / with a preface by Michael Lapidge.Aldershot, Hampshire ; Brookfield, Vt. : Variorum, 1994.
151B02affa694bf7NRBede, the Venerable, Saint, 673-735.Libri II De arte metrica et De schematibus et tropis = The art of poetry and rhetoric / Bede ; introduction and notes by Calvin B. Kendall.
152B905e332f32ecNRWallace-Hadrill, J. M. (John Michael)Bede's Ecclesiastical history of the English people : a historical commentary / J.M. Wallace-Hadrill.
153B70d85c2f23b7NRSchmidt, August, 1865- [from old catalog]Untersuchungen u?ber ko?nig Alfreds Bedau?bersetzung ...
154B89a8db64fe07NRTwo lives of Saint Cuthbert; a life by an anonymous monk of Lindisfarne and Bede's prose life;Cambridge [Eng.] The University press, 1940.
155B6c067476f0fbNRBede, the Venerable, Saint, 673-735.Ecclesiastical history of the English people,
156B41f42a8e401cNRSmith, A. H. (Albert Hugh), 1903-1967,Three Northumbrian poems; Caedmon's Hymn, Bede's Death song and the Leiden riddle, edited by A. H. Smith.
157B59b60b0e9f18NRJones, Putnam Fennell.Concordance to the Historia ecclesiastica of Bede, by Putnam Fennell Jones.
158B080b25861c3aNRGiles, J. A. (John Allen), 1808-1884,Anecdota Bedae, Lanfranci, et aliorum.
159Bf32343ae0a5bNRAelfric, Abbot of Eynsham.Exameron anglice; or, The Old English Hexameron. Edited with an introduction, a collation of all the manuscripts, a modern English translation, parallel passages from the other works of lfric and notes on the sources by S. J. Crawford ...
160B1e64285240ddNRRervm britannicarvm, id est Angli , Scoti , vicinarvmqve insvlarvm ac regionvm : scriptores vetvstiores ac pr cipui.Heidelberg [apud Hieronymvm Commelinvm] 1587.

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