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241B20feb5e565a8NRBrown, George Hardin, 1931-Companion to Bede / George Hardin Brown.
242Bd8c07970e1a5NRGunn, Vicky.Bede's Historiae : genre, rhetoric, and the construction of Anglo-Saxon church history / Vicky Gunn.
243Bf0b7f01c8f9fNRThacker, Alan.Bede and Augustine of Hippo : history and figure in sacred text / by Alan Thacker.
244B9a1f03a0bfe5NRBede, the Venerable, Saint, 673-735.Ecclesiastical history of the English people ; the Greater Chronicle ; Bede's letter to Egbert / Bede ; [translated by Bertram Colgrave] ; edited with an introduction and notes by Judith McClure and Roger Collins.
245Bdf658c47138eNRHarvey, P. D. A.Maps in the age of Bede / by P. D. A. Harvey.
246B99a3898b7556NRBede, the Venerable, Saint, 673-735.Storia degli inglesi = Historia ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum / Beda.
247B8c3ce8abe8a2NRClark, Stephanie, 1975-Compelling God : theories of prayer in Anglo-Saxon England / Stephanie Clark.
248B7a28d403ba4fNRBede, the Venerable, Saint, 673-735,Komentarz do Dziejo?w Apostolskich = Super Acta Apostolorum expositio / Beda Czcigodny ; wprowadzenie, przek?ad i redakcja ks. Dariusz Sztuk SDB, WT UKSW.
249Bcbd905a1aba9NRPseudo-Bede,De mundi caelestis terrestrique constitutione liber = La cre?ation du monde ce?leste et terrestre / Pseudo-Be?de ; traduction et e?dition critique par Myle?ne Pradel-Baquerre, Ce?cile Biasi et Amand Ge?vaudan ; sous la direction de Be?atrice Bakho
250Bba9c526709b9NRWallis, Faith,Bede and wisdom / by Faith Wallis, PhD. FSA.
251Bd85fd12d1b7aNRBlair, John, 1955-Bede and the culture of the laity / by John Blair.
252B1297e96e00ddNRBede, the Venerable, Saint, 673-735Homili?as sobre los Evangelios / Beda ; introduccio?n, traduccio?n y notas de Agusti?n Lo?pez Kindler.
253B29f324892720NRSchustereder, Stefan J.,Strategies of identity construction the writings of Gildas, Aneirin and Bede / Stefan J. Schustereder.
254Bf938bfe1cde3NRLeyser, Henrietta,Beda : a journey through the Seven Kingdoms in the age of Bede / Henrietta Leyser.
255Bf88ceb758c3bNRGem, Richard,Bede and architectural history / by Richard Gem.
256B9547317949a6NRAbrams, Lesley, 1952-Bede, Gregory, and strategies of conversion in Anglo-Saxon England and the Spanish New World / by Lesley Abrams.
257B0d99c096da8bNRHigham, N. J.,(Re-)reading Bede : the Ecclesiastical history in context / N.J. Higham.
258B7a737a9deb86NRKlaeber, Fr. (Friedrich), 1863-1954,Commentary on the Old English version of Bede's Ecclesiastical history / by Frederick Klaeber ; translated and edited by Valentine A. Pakis ; introduction by Sharon M. Rowley.
259B8afaa663075aNRO'Brien, Conor, 1987-Bede's temple : an image and its interpretation / Conor O'Brien.
260B8ba2f7344241NRBede and the future / edited by Peter Darby and Faith Wallis.Farnham Surrey, England ; Burlington : Ashgate, [2014]

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